Give 'em All A Fat Lip CD

The Whigs


This 2005 indie release was scooped up and reissued by ATO a year later after Rolling Stone named the Athens, GA trio one of the "Ten Artists to Watch" in April of 2006. It's usually a good sign when a band creates a buzz without major-label money or influence, and that's the case with the Whigs (not to be confused with the Afghan Whigs). With a classy sound somewhere between catchy '60s pop, Gomez-styled bluesy indie rock, and a Southern sensibility, the Whigs' songs are snappy, tight, and free of excess fat. Their secret weapon is the interplay between keyboards and guitar; it's organic and far from slick. A bit of Elvis Costello circa "Pump It Up" drives "OK, Alright," and the raw, unsweetened quality of the music harkens back to punk's early days. Lead singer Parker Gispert's talk/sung vocals, with their natural rasp, are nonchalantly distinctive and grow more engaging as the project unwinds Tracklisting

1. Nothing Is Easy
2. Can't Hear You Coming
3. Technology
4. Written Invitation
5. Don't Talk Anymore
6. Violet Furs
7. Half the World Away
8. O.K, Alright
9. Say Hello
10. Give 'em All A Big Fat Lip
11. All My Banks

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Give 'em All A Fat Lip CD by The Whigs