Somewhere in between art rock and wistful pop lie Sydney four-piece Sparkadia, whose debut album 'Postcards' is quite possibly the most replete and accomplished debut you'll hear this year. Formed by childhood friends, 25-year-olds Alex Burnett (vocals, guitar) and Dave Hall, (drums) in 2004, the band became a reality with the addition of Nick Rabone (bass) and Tiffany Preece (keyboards, guitar, vocals). Together, they write modern pop songs, pop songs that explode and shimmer with choruses that never leave your head and hooks that floor you on the first listen. 'Postcards' offers up a dozen snapshots of life that meld bittersweet lyrics and floating melodies with a sunny spin on heartbreak, including the singles 'Too Much To Do', 'Morning Light' and 'Animals'.

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Postcards by Sparkadia